Demon dance

According to yesterday there were 3,355 demons kiled on all servers of Tibia and 17,647 in the last week.

The only demon who can make a little fear amongst the tibians anymore is Orshabaal but even he was killed 8 times in the last month.
But now think about the following:
All Level 30+ are removed from all Servers and a demon spawn would be placed in mino city. Ok additional the power of the demon is reduced to a Dragon lord. And asume a demon looks like that:
attackThen you have a bit the situation we had back in 1999. The only demon spawn was south of Mino City in the so called cavern city (Mintwalin didn’t exist back then)
Normally the demon was only accesible with a ladder up from cavern city. And only a few of the heroes did dare to enter it’s realm.
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GM Powergamers

In the old times the GMs had no special GM chars to login with.

These were introduced in a special update.

Of course it was tested before and CIP thought it would be enough to give the GM-chars no cap to make them unable to attack anything as they were unvulnerable.

Well as often they underestimated the creativity of people.

Take BPs of Light magic missiles (Mag Level 0 to use) and push them into the drag lord cave. Then even a GM can Level ๐Ÿ™‚

With Light Magic Missile Runes the Gms were able to kill a dragon lord on the testserver.
With Light Magic Missile Runes the Gms were able to kill a dragon lord on the testserver.

We had a lot of fun on this Testserver but of course this “feature” was removed afterwards. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Comment from the Past

Ahh i begin to love this site ๐Ÿ™‚

Long lost people appear to add their comments. A very interesting Comment was made by Karl, a former wizard (That’s what the GMs were called in the old days). And since i think you all should hear about the story of the first Helmet of the Stars, i will add it here:

Hello Tibians and a special โ€œHelloโ€ to Taghor!

Even though I havenโ€™t talked to you in about 5(?) years I hope you remember me.

I stumbled up on Durin (in a bar in Regensburg) some time ago and since then I am back online in Antica from time to time now. I just found this homepage and since you are looking for old stories I might contribute one. I heard you are mostly looking for stories about where the rare items came from so I start with the story where the first Helmet of the Stars came into the game – or better: into the possession of a player.

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Oldschool Trap

This picture shows what was possible back in the old Tibia.

People could summon Dragons and stuff and simply logout. After that the monsters would go wild and attack everyone.

It was possible to summon up to 8 monsters. As you see in the Picture. But since you got no Exp from Summon-Kills back then the only use of them was for PKing.
You ask yourself why you can only summon 2 monsters today and why they disappear after you log?

Here is the answer.

An evil trap that was created in the lighthouse west of Thais
An evil trap that was created in the lighthouse west of Thais

9 years Tibia – a trip into the past

10 years ago there was only one known Tibia. The bone in your leg.
Who would have thought that today the search for the term tibia would not bring any medical details on the bone but a Homepage of a famous Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.
7,5 years ago, in summer 1998, i stumbled upon this game.
And since then i never had the possibility to let go totally.

What is it that makes me log in again and again from time to time?
What makes me browse several fansites and forums each day?
What the hell makes me start a blog about Tibia?

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