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Ahh i begin to love this site 🙂

Long lost people appear to add their comments. A very interesting Comment was made by Karl, a former wizard (That’s what the GMs were called in the old days). And since i think you all should hear about the story of the first Helmet of the Stars, i will add it here:

Hello Tibians and a special “Hello” to Taghor!

Even though I haven’t talked to you in about 5(?) years I hope you remember me.

I stumbled up on Durin (in a bar in Regensburg) some time ago and since then I am back online in Antica from time to time now. I just found this homepage and since you are looking for old stories I might contribute one. I heard you are mostly looking for stories about where the rare items came from so I start with the story where the first Helmet of the Stars came into the game – or better: into the possession of a player.

Before I begin, I have to point out that it was not really the first HOTS that was gotten by a player, but the first that still exists today. There was an update (maybe in 1999? – please correct me if I am wrong) where all now rare items were deleted and the whole setting of the item system was reformed. It was necessary, because it was very easy before to get those items (dragons dropped them all) and every level 5 player already had a full set of the (back then) best items in the game: HOTS, E-plate and a firesword. So to make Tibia more interesting, all these items where replaced by a steel helmet, a regular plate armor (or was it a chain armor?) and a regular sword. From that update onwards, the rare items were hard to come by. Maybe it was not as hard as it is today, but still a lot harder then before.

So when the server came online with the new update, Thais was swarming with people filling the temple right away and giving good old Quentin a shock by the sudden appearance of so many players logging in at his residence. Some were upset by the now lame equipment they were wearing, some were rushing into the depot to check what happened in there. One player run ahead of all others to be the first at the demon to see what treasures he would hide. This was Galadriel, the probably mightiest sorcerer back then. She wouldn’t have had to hurry that much, because there was no one else that was so eager to see the big red one, but still she did. There was only one place in Tibia back then where you could encounter a demon, and that was deep below Thais, south of Mintwallin. It was not longer then 10-15 minutes after the server came online that I got a message from Galadriel: she had defeated the demons and found as a treasure the famous Helmet of the Stars and an enchanted plate armor. She was a bit upset, because she thought it was still to easy to get the nice stuff. What we didn’t know then was that this mighty treasure only spawned once, so it was Galadriel who was the first and only player that had these nice items for some time.

I hope you liked this memory and maybe you can use it for your homepage.

I still got more memories to share, like
– Where to find an E-plate, HOTS, firesword and cyclopmania sword in the alpha version.
– Where to find the first SOVs, after they were introduced to the game.
– Where to find a cyc-sword with the stats 80/60.
– Where to find spell scrolls that taught you spells independent of your profession.
– Finding the first great shield of Tibia.

But since I don’t know if you want to tell some of these things yourself, Taghor, I will stop remembering old times now and let you decide if you are interested in stuff like this at all.

Keep up the good work Taghor, and hopefully we will meet in Antica soon.

Good hunting,

Karl i can only say i am very interested in this kind of stuff. Please contact me at to talk about it.

So people i am sure you like this kind of memories? If so, leave a comment and encourage Karl to post more. (but then as an Auhtor ;))

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