Flyaway in old Tibia

That is one of the gold i wanted to find.

In 2002 i did some movies with the old Tibia client.
One had the goal to show the whole Tibia in the time of one song.

Well here is the result.

The video starts in Fibula and then continues to Thais, Greenshore (With Tibianic), Kazordoon, Ab’dendriel, Carlin and Edron.

Do you recognize the old look of the cities?

The christening of the Tibianic

After a long struggle (3-4 years) with CIP a dream of me and the AFT came true.
The Tibianic was build into the game.
First it wasn’t accesible for anyone cause th guildhouse system was not introduced.
But we were so happy that we threw a christening party and gave the ship its name: Tibainic!!

Here is the movie to this event:

Please note the special effect of the broken bottle 😉

Parcel-Tibianic Party!!

Well today i am in an update mood 🙂

Here we have a brand new category on TibiaHistory: Movies

I found some long lost videos that i recorded 12-13 years ago on the very old Tibia Client (no idea which version it was).

Thanks to the youtube user Patryk001316 the videos are not lost. They were once published on and my copies died in an harddrive crash.

The 1st movie i want to show you is from the time as there was no Tibianic Guildhouse in the game.

My guild, the Alliance of free Tibians (AFT) alllways wanted to have a guildship.

But CIP never listened. So we took the matter in our own hands and built a ship out of parcels.

The ship was big and had a zoo attached. We made a big party with our friends of the Red Rose. This is the movie to this event. Sorry for the german, but AFT and Red Rose were mainly german players back then.

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