The creation of the Annihilator

Well you all know what this is: The Annihilator
Today its only another quets done by many people on many servers each day.
In 2003 it was a time were only a small ammount of servers were present and the Level 100 was still something great to achieve.
Only few had this level back then as the update, which would introduce Level doors and quest chests, was planned.
So CIP decided to give a quest only to Level 100+ with great rewards (for this time)
Of course you think: CIP made it as hard as the quest is today to make sure that the people would not get the items (demon armor, SOV, Stoecutter Axe) so easily. Well you think wrong. 🙂

As this update was introduced CIP made a private Testserver only for SGMs and CIP themselves.
And so it happend that the SGMs Flattery, Faerwynn, Knightmare and Taghor were on the Testserevr together with Steve and Greeny. Knightmare and Steve were showing the new map features and so we came to the Annihilator.
None of us SGMs had level 100 back then so we got extra powers to level up top get past the level door.
So Flattery and me went together into the Annihilator with Steve and Greeny who had unkillable God chars.

Flattery and me were killed easily and so we teleported back to the reward room.

As you can see the 1st setup was only 2 demons in a 1 square wide corridor.
We all agreed that this was too easy and so the discussion begun what to do. Since we all were germans this was done in german.

Here is the translation of the important parts:
Greeny: Let’s make it more difficult
Steve: Sure, how many should it be?
Flattery: not only demons
Knighthmare: Make it absurdly hard
Flattery: minimum 4
Greeny: 2 direct damage, 4 distance

Well As you know Greenies last sentence made the real Annihilator.
So after a while we came back for testing again. But since we wanted to test with real chars and CIP couldn’t get us right levels they copied some of the highlevels back then to our acocunts on the Testserver.
Here is the next try:

We died in seconds… None of us was ever a good hunter 😉
But we all agreed: That’s ok!!!
We then broadcasted “They will all die there!!”
This is how Knightmare responded:

Knightmare: Only a dead player is a satisfied player

Well Amen to that 😉 The Annihilator was for some days or weeks really a challenge but then the people knew how to do it and more and more Level 100 came along. So i am quite happy that it was not left too easy like in the beginning.

But to be honest. I now posess 3 chars above Level 100 and i have never done the Anihilator again 😉 Think the 1st experience was too scary 😉

What do you think about the Annihilator? Write in the comments.

7 thoughts to “The creation of the Annihilator”

  1. OMG,
    This is the first history that I read, it is just brilliant!
    I will start to read all of them, nothing better than starting a day with the old tibia.

    Btw, do you have any information about the Sword of Fury? I know about some rumors around it, but never heard about anything confirmed!

    Thanks for sharing it with us!!

    Angus Raudur.

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    1. I am sorry but i never was a Rookgard player 🙂 So i don’t know much about the sword of fury. Only the rumors of people claiming to had access to it. But i htink that really was only rumors.

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  2. This is awesome! Thanks a lot for sharing this and the others things in the website.

    I would LOVE to read the other histories from Karl, the person who shared the experience of the first G-Helmet. If you can, share them, please!

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  3. Haha, nice. With only 2 demons it would definately have been too easy. Thanks for sharing, I didnt know.

    What Im curious about is the story behind the Mastermind shield, that obviously was changed to a teddy. You know why?

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    1. Well it was a long time ago.
      If i renember right we discussed on the Tetserver that a Mastermind shield had not the same value or rareness as the other items.
      CIP or Knightmare then came up with the present box.
      We other SGMs didn’t know what was inside as well.

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