Giant Spider Rodeo

Back in the old times some monsters reacted different on the sources of damage. Giant Spiders for example weren’t immune to fire and therefore blockable by firebombs.

Trapping them was still very difficult because you couldn’t target them in the attack list. You had to run away, click on the rune, calculate the moving speed of the GS and then click somewhere on the screen trusting that the serverlag would not kill you meanwhile.

Some people could do this perfectly and even managed to trap many GS on the same screen. That’s where this picture was taken.

© by Lightbringer

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The origins of Tibiaball

For a contemporary Tibian, using the term “Tibiaball” just goes without saying. On a sundays afternoon you gather some friends, set up a pitch with two goals and start playing good old Tibiaball. But did you ever wonder what the hell came over CIP when they implemented a modern football? And where did the idea come from?

Tibiaball match AFT vs. RR – Teams discussing their tactics
© Havey

Tracing back the very first origins of Tibiaball brings us back to the early days of Tibia or more precisely to the time when Tibians invented pushing. At that time we came very soon up with the idea to use the new discovered technology to push lootbags around, to push players and basically everything that was not nailed down to the ground. Then we started first competitions to measure our pushing skills, like pushing a statue across Thais and finally we came to the idea to set up goals and play soccer. But hey, we did not have any football and how to set up a pitch? Our solutions were very rudimentary and bloody: We used dead fishes and a slain bear and called the game Tibiaball.

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Let it snow Let it snow Let it snow

The summer is coming and it’s time to cool you all up a bit. So i digged up this screenshot from old times.

As the ice islands were introduced, CIP aded a nice feature to the world: snowballs

You could see many people farming the snowpiles to get 1000ds of snowballs.

While the majority of Tibians abused the snowballs for training purposes (Snowballs did no damage but counted on the distance skill) Tekvorian, Dagor Dragontooth and me build the biggest snowman in Tibian history.


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New record

Today in Tibia at the busy hours there are more than 50.000 people logged in at once. 70 servers guarantee that so many people can play. In the past there was only one Tibia, one Server and very few people.

From this time is that screenshot. Note the text in the statusbar at the bottom.
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Past vs Present: The Energy Bomb (updated)

Today we introduce a new category at TibiaHistory: Past vs Present.

We will collect screenshots from the past and show the same situations in the new client today.

We will start with the Energy bomb. Some years ago, the energy bomb was a very rare item. Only one Sorcerer in whole Tibia could cast it. He got the ability to do so from a spell scroll he got from the gods.

This sorcerer was Spiritguide, a second char of the well known Arieswar.

Why he got the spell scroll even he can’t remember anymore. The energy-bomb was quite differentin comparison with today. The spell did only cost 270 Mana to cast and created an energy bomb rune with 15 shots. “15 shots?” you will say, “we only have 2 today”. Yes that’s right but that was not the only difference.

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