Let it snow Let it snow Let it snow

The summer is coming and it’s time to cool you all up a bit. So i digged up this screenshot from old times.

As the ice islands were introduced, CIP aded a nice feature to the world: snowballs

You could see many people farming the snowpiles to get 1000ds of snowballs.

While the majority of Tibians abused the snowballs for training purposes (Snowballs did no damage but counted on the distance skill) Tekvorian, Dagor Dragontooth and me build the biggest snowman in Tibian history.


To my knowlede no bigger snowman was ever build and since the snowpiles were removed i doubt that such a thing will be possible in the future.

Think about how mcuh such a snowman would cost today with the snowballs being rare items which cost a fortune to buy.

*BRRR* it gets cold looking at that screenshot. Let’s go out into the sun.

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