The creation of the Annihilator

Well you all know what this is: The Annihilator
Today its only another quets done by many people on many servers each day.
In 2003 it was a time were only a small ammount of servers were present and the Level 100 was still something great to achieve.
Only few had this level back then as the update, which would introduce Level doors and quest chests, was planned.
So CIP decided to give a quest only to Level 100+ with great rewards (for this time)
Of course you think: CIP made it as hard as the quest is today to make sure that the people would not get the items (demon armor, SOV, Stoecutter Axe) so easily. Well you think wrong. 🙂

As this update was introduced CIP made a private Testserver only for SGMs and CIP themselves.
And so it happend that the SGMs Flattery, Faerwynn, Knightmare and Taghor were on the Testserevr together with Steve and Greeny. Knightmare and Steve were showing the new map features and so we came to the Annihilator.
None of us SGMs had level 100 back then so we got extra powers to level up top get past the level door.
So Flattery and me went together into the Annihilator with Steve and Greeny who had unkillable God chars.

Flattery and me were killed easily and so we teleported back to the reward room.
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Old Mintwallin

As Mintwallin was introduced there were several hunts exploring the city and the secrets lying there.
Here are some screenshots of this time as memebrs of the Alliance of free tibians and friends explored the city.

On our way to Mintwallin

Surrounded by minos

Secret Lab GS
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Paradox Tower Teasing

As i searched through my screenshots i found this evil screenshot:

Knightmare teasing me with the knowledge that the question was solveable.
Knightmare teasing me with the knowledge that the question was solveable.

As you perhaps know. The Question about Hugo was long time not known. For many months people tried to solve it. As i was once again there to check it out, Knightmare teleported to me and whispered the right answer to the riddler.
That was very evil back then. He didn’t tell me any hint. he just showed me that it was solveable.
It took me some more weeks to get the right answer but only to then being stuck at the last question again for months 😉

But more on this topic on another post.

Giant Spider Rodeo

Back in the old times some monsters reacted different on the sources of damage. Giant Spiders for example weren’t immune to fire and therefore blockable by firebombs.

Trapping them was still very difficult because you couldn’t target them in the attack list. You had to run away, click on the rune, calculate the moving speed of the GS and then click somewhere on the screen trusting that the serverlag would not kill you meanwhile.

Some people could do this perfectly and even managed to trap many GS on the same screen. That’s where this picture was taken.

© by Lightbringer

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Let it snow Let it snow Let it snow

The summer is coming and it’s time to cool you all up a bit. So i digged up this screenshot from old times.

As the ice islands were introduced, CIP aded a nice feature to the world: snowballs

You could see many people farming the snowpiles to get 1000ds of snowballs.

While the majority of Tibians abused the snowballs for training purposes (Snowballs did no damage but counted on the distance skill) Tekvorian, Dagor Dragontooth and me build the biggest snowman in Tibian history.


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