The creation of the Annihilator

Well you all know what this is: The Annihilator
Today its only another quets done by many people on many servers each day.
In 2003 it was a time were only a small ammount of servers were present and the Level 100 was still something great to achieve.
Only few had this level back then as the update, which would introduce Level doors and quest chests, was planned.
So CIP decided to give a quest only to Level 100+ with great rewards (for this time)
Of course you think: CIP made it as hard as the quest is today to make sure that the people would not get the items (demon armor, SOV, Stoecutter Axe) so easily. Well you think wrong. 🙂

As this update was introduced CIP made a private Testserver only for SGMs and CIP themselves.
And so it happend that the SGMs Flattery, Faerwynn, Knightmare and Taghor were on the Testserevr together with Steve and Greeny. Knightmare and Steve were showing the new map features and so we came to the Annihilator.
None of us SGMs had level 100 back then so we got extra powers to level up top get past the level door.
So Flattery and me went together into the Annihilator with Steve and Greeny who had unkillable God chars.

Flattery and me were killed easily and so we teleported back to the reward room.
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Old Mintwallin

As Mintwallin was introduced there were several hunts exploring the city and the secrets lying there.
Here are some screenshots of this time as memebrs of the Alliance of free tibians and friends explored the city.

On our way to Mintwallin

Surrounded by minos

Secret Lab GS
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The origins of Tibiaball

For a contemporary Tibian, using the term “Tibiaball” just goes without saying. On a sundays afternoon you gather some friends, set up a pitch with two goals and start playing good old Tibiaball. But did you ever wonder what the hell came over CIP when they implemented a modern football? And where did the idea come from?

Tibiaball match AFT vs. RR – Teams discussing their tactics
© Havey

Tracing back the very first origins of Tibiaball brings us back to the early days of Tibia or more precisely to the time when Tibians invented pushing. At that time we came very soon up with the idea to use the new discovered technology to push lootbags around, to push players and basically everything that was not nailed down to the ground. Then we started first competitions to measure our pushing skills, like pushing a statue across Thais and finally we came to the idea to set up goals and play soccer. But hey, we did not have any football and how to set up a pitch? Our solutions were very rudimentary and bloody: We used dead fishes and a slain bear and called the game Tibiaball.

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Past vs Present: The Energy Bomb (updated)

Today we introduce a new category at TibiaHistory: Past vs Present.

We will collect screenshots from the past and show the same situations in the new client today.

We will start with the Energy bomb. Some years ago, the energy bomb was a very rare item. Only one Sorcerer in whole Tibia could cast it. He got the ability to do so from a spell scroll he got from the gods.

This sorcerer was Spiritguide, a second char of the well known Arieswar.

Why he got the spell scroll even he can’t remember anymore. The energy-bomb was quite differentin comparison with today. The spell did only cost 270 Mana to cast and created an energy bomb rune with 15 shots. “15 shots?” you will say, “we only have 2 today”. Yes that’s right but that was not the only difference.

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Demon dance

According to yesterday there were 3,355 demons kiled on all servers of Tibia and 17,647 in the last week.

The only demon who can make a little fear amongst the tibians anymore is Orshabaal but even he was killed 8 times in the last month.
But now think about the following:
All Level 30+ are removed from all Servers and a demon spawn would be placed in mino city. Ok additional the power of the demon is reduced to a Dragon lord. And asume a demon looks like that:
attackThen you have a bit the situation we had back in 1999. The only demon spawn was south of Mino City in the so called cavern city (Mintwalin didn’t exist back then)
Normally the demon was only accesible with a ladder up from cavern city. And only a few of the heroes did dare to enter it’s realm.
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