Past vs Present: The Energy Bomb (updated)

Today we introduce a new category at TibiaHistory: Past vs Present.

We will collect screenshots from the past and show the same situations in the new client today.

We will start with the Energy bomb. Some years ago, the energy bomb was a very rare item. Only one Sorcerer in whole Tibia could cast it. He got the ability to do so from a spell scroll he got from the gods.

This sorcerer was Spiritguide, a second char of the well known Arieswar.

Why he got the spell scroll even he can’t remember anymore. The energy-bomb was quite differentin comparison with today. The spell did only cost 270 Mana to cast and created an energy bomb rune with 15 shots. “15 shots?” you will say, “we only have 2 today”. Yes that’s right but that was not the only difference.

Look at this screenshot to imagine the real power of the old energy bomb.
As you can imagine it did really hurt if you were caught in the middle of the energy fields and are about to flee (in PVP for example).

The new energy bomb is quite small in comparison. We tried hard to get the same location as in the old screenshot, but some house-maniacs had to build there.. perhaps another reason why the ebomb is smaller now: you don’t have the place to use it.

Well, why was the rune really reduced? Just because many people did abuse it. Sights as the ones in the following screenshots happened a bit to often.

So CIP decieded to reduce the power of the energy bomb. There are still some energy bombs out there with the old 15 shots on them. But they are not as big as they used to be.

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