New record

Today in Tibia at the busy hours there are more than 50.000 people logged in at once. 70 servers guarantee that so many people can play. In the past there was only one Tibia, one Server and very few people.

From this time is that screenshot. Note the text in the statusbar at the bottom.

Additional you see on this screenshot the old client in all his beauty. With only 4 lines of text (unscrollable), the problem to choose either your uh backpack, the map or the battle list and the good old 256 color graphics. Here we have a full armed warrior from the past: Helmet of the stars, E-plate, Firesword and Shield of the Mastermind. Additional he is wearing one of the rarest items back then: a chain trouser. And not to forget the most important tool of the warriors back then: a flower pot. Why? Well we will tell you in another article.

Today you would perhaps be happy about only 100 players on your server. But don’t think hunting was more easy back then. We had only Thais and it’s surroundings at this stage.
It is not 100% clear on which day this screenshot was taken, but it should have been in 1999. If you know the exact date, please make a comment or contact us.

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