Where is Yasir?

I have made a little proof of concept to see if the communinity would be interested in an overview of active Mini-World-Changes at their worlds. (Including Yasir apperance)
So i have made this little site:

How does it work?
At the world Board in the Adventurers guild there are Messages for all active Mini World Changes. This Information can be copied from the Server Log and uploaded to the service.
After upload the Page of the corresponding World shows the active World-Changes for the actual day.
If enough people upload this information on different days on different Servers we get a good overview and can even think about e-mail notifications for special events.

Give it a try and let me know in the comments what you think.

The creation of the Annihilator

Well you all know what this is: The Annihilator
Today its only another quets done by many people on many servers each day.
In 2003 it was a time were only a small ammount of servers were present and the Level 100 was still something great to achieve.
Only few had this level back then as the update, which would introduce Level doors and quest chests, was planned.
So CIP decided to give a quest only to Level 100+ with great rewards (for this time)
Of course you think: CIP made it as hard as the quest is today to make sure that the people would not get the items (demon armor, SOV, Stoecutter Axe) so easily. Well you think wrong. 🙂

As this update was introduced CIP made a private Testserver only for SGMs and CIP themselves.
And so it happend that the SGMs Flattery, Faerwynn, Knightmare and Taghor were on the Testserevr together with Steve and Greeny. Knightmare and Steve were showing the new map features and so we came to the Annihilator.
None of us SGMs had level 100 back then so we got extra powers to level up top get past the level door.
So Flattery and me went together into the Annihilator with Steve and Greeny who had unkillable God chars.

Flattery and me were killed easily and so we teleported back to the reward room.
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Old Mintwallin

As Mintwallin was introduced there were several hunts exploring the city and the secrets lying there.
Here are some screenshots of this time as memebrs of the Alliance of free tibians and friends explored the city.

On our way to Mintwallin

Surrounded by minos

Secret Lab GS
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Tibiahistory is back (again)

Yeah i know, new content for this page was not coming for years now.

The last time Tibiahistory got new content is now nearly 4 years ago.

Last time i told you that Tibiahistory is back, too and it didn’t last long.

I can not promise to keep it up this time much longer but i will try.

Last week i found several screenshots on my computer which i think should really be published.

What can you expect?

– Raw footage of quotes done by the gods in the game
– The truth how the Annihilator was introduced
– Huntig screenshots of the classic client which were never posted before

and much more.

I will try to start today in the evening (CET).


Flyaway in old Tibia

That is one of the gold i wanted to find.

In 2002 i did some movies with the old Tibia client.
One had the goal to show the whole Tibia in the time of one song.

Well here is the result.

The video starts in Fibula and then continues to Thais, Greenshore (With Tibianic), Kazordoon, Ab’dendriel, Carlin and Edron.

Do you recognize the old look of the cities?