Demon dance

According to yesterday there were 3,355 demons kiled on all servers of Tibia and 17,647 in the last week.

The only demon who can make a little fear amongst the tibians anymore is Orshabaal but even he was killed 8 times in the last month.
But now think about the following:
All Level 30+ are removed from all Servers and a demon spawn would be placed in mino city. Ok additional the power of the demon is reduced to a Dragon lord. And asume a demon looks like that:
attackThen you have a bit the situation we had back in 1999. The only demon spawn was south of Mino City in the so called cavern city (Mintwalin didn’t exist back then)
Normally the demon was only accesible with a ladder up from cavern city. And only a few of the heroes did dare to enter it’s realm.
But there were some who were strong enough to even “push” the demon around :)

So it sometimes happened that the demon was pushed down the ladder (YES, that was possible back then :))

On such a day i was on my way to cavern city to kill some ghouls. I just made my Level 16 and i was a mid level back then :)
How suprised i was, as a magic fire surrounded me out of the sudden.

“Holy shit”, i thought, “did they upgrad the ghouls?” But then i saw the red bulk who shot the fire at me. I was totally shocked and run for my life. With a lot of healing i managed to reach the ladder. And since the walking algorithm of the monsters was not that good back then, the demon was stuck at the wall as he tried to reach me.

Well what to do? A call for some high levels did not make any results cause it was a very quiet day and not much people online. So i did the only thing possible. From upstairs i threw some parcels and crates around the demon to trap him. YES, demons (and all other monsters) could be trapped by parcels back then. My motivation was to get the demon away from there so that the mid levels could again hunt in cavern city without getting killed.


So i used the only possibility i had. The so called: “Roof-shooting”. It was officially forbidden to use it (as allways not everything possible is allowed) but what should i do? So i used some HMMs and tried to kill the demon form one floor upstairs. But well you can imagine how many runes i would have needed with a Level of 16? MANY!! So it was only a try :) Maquis Ledhead a Paladin with Mag Level 15 came to help me. He shot some SDs and was a bit supprised how less the damage was :)
We got him to barely wounded but that was all :)

At last 2 wizards (GMs back then) arrived. It took me a while to convince them not to ban me for roof-shooting. But then they agreed on my actions and got down to kill the demon. In the following fight i was so much lagged cause of shooting arrows that i only saw the demon drop dead. (They were both high Levels back then and had killed several demons allready). Instead of a dead demon body a chest did appear where the demon dropped dead and was full of loot :)

The only rare in it was the “steel shield”. Back then it was the graphic for the Shield of the mastermind. Helmet of the stars and E-plate were common in these days and you could buy them for around 300gp together.

A while after that CIP changed the pushing-possibility for bigger monsters and the possibility to block them with parcels (or flower pots)

I was happy to never have to dance with a demon like that again. ;)