9 years Tibia – a trip into the past

10 years ago there was only one known Tibia. The bone in your leg.
Who would have thought that today the search for the term tibia would not bring any medical details on the bone but a Homepage of a famous Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.
7,5 years ago, in summer 1998, i stumbled upon this game.
And since then i never had the possibility to let go totally.

What is it that makes me log in again and again from time to time?
What makes me browse several fansites and forums each day?
What the hell makes me start a blog about Tibia?

I don’t know it exactly.

Of course i have some ideas about the addiction to this game.
But perhaps we can find out together. Here at his Blog.
Some old Tibians will post their oppinions here and add some nice stories from the past. Stories from a time where there were no 70 Servers, no Premium Accounts, no Account-System, only one city and one Tibia.

And of course we will post Screenshots of the good old time. Screenshots of this ugly-looking, 256-color, ultima6-style, no scrolling-client. 🙂
Join us and post your comments on this, so together we can gather the history of Tibia.
And to quote Excessus from his Tibianews Website. This website will be updated as infrequently as possible 😉

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