Parcel-Tibianic Party!!

Well today i am in an update mood 🙂

Here we have a brand new category on TibiaHistory: Movies

I found some long lost videos that i recorded 12-13 years ago on the very old Tibia Client (no idea which version it was).

Thanks to the youtube user Patryk001316 the videos are not lost. They were once published on and my copies died in an harddrive crash.

The 1st movie i want to show you is from the time as there was no Tibianic Guildhouse in the game.

My guild, the Alliance of free Tibians (AFT) alllways wanted to have a guildship.

But CIP never listened. So we took the matter in our own hands and built a ship out of parcels.

The ship was big and had a zoo attached. We made a big party with our friends of the Red Rose. This is the movie to this event. Sorry for the german, but AFT and Red Rose were mainly german players back then.

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Do you have stories/pictures of the old Tibia?

Well the title says it all. 🙂

If you have screenshots or stories of the old Tibia and want to share them, then mail them to

I won’t promise that they will be published but i will look into it.

Please have in mind that it should be something special in the history of Tibia. The war of guild x with guild y on server z does not qualify.

And i prefer stories about Antica simply cause it’s the oldest one and there are stories enough in the history of this server.

So keep it coming. 🙂





Tibiahistory is back

8 years ago i started this little blog about the history of the MMORPG Tibia.

I posted some pictures from the past, told some stories from the past and so on.

Others provided stories and pictures as well.

The the time for the project cut short, the site was hacked and my server went down.

The result: was not accesible for around 7 years.

But after i started playing again 2 month ago, i decided to bring it back online.

There is no new content yet, but the old stories from 2006 are readable again. Feel free to comment on the old stories.

I won’t promise any content updates but most likely there will be some updates in the future.

Have fun talking about the past.